Welcome to my page! I hope you find what you’re looking for. Liana Doula will be on annual leave from 15 December 2017 and will return towards the end of January 2018. I will be available on my email to answer any questions. Happy Holidays, with love, Liana Doula x

Nurturing, supporting and caring for you and your baby before the birth and afterwards.

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Liana van Zyl Antenatal Postnatal Doula

Hello and welcome to my birth doula website. My name is Liana van Zyl and I am a professionally trained childbirth assistant based in Nottingham. As a birth professional, I am dedicated to supporting and empowering women and families during the childbearing year in various ways.

Whether it’s a birth partner, postnatal doula, hypnobirthing class, placenta remedy or a Closing The Bones postnatal massage you’re looking for, rest assured you’ve come to the right place. I believe that pregnancy and birth is a sacred time to be cherished and protected.

I passionately believe in the power of knowledge, and that making informed decisions leads to a feeling of empowerment. Let’s take the first step on your birth journey together.

~ Liana X

antenatal and birth doula


As your birth doula, we will discuss your concerns and preferences about childbirth. I enable you to make informed birth choices with a balance of intuition and research-based information. During your pregnancy and throughout the birth I am there to provide emotional, physical and practical support.

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Hypnobirthing Classes


I focus my teaching on how your thoughts affect your body during pregnancy and labour. By including practical hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques as well as enhanced understanding of the psychology of birth, I help you feel fully prepared for your baby’s birth.

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placenta encapsulation


I offer a range of placenta remedies for postnatal health including placenta encapsulation, tincture, essence, balm, creams and placenta smoothies. Research and experience suggests that placenta remedies may help mother and baby during the early weeks after birth and beyond.

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Closing the Bones Massage


This involves bodywork technique, ranging from massage to binding with a cloth, to assist you in regaining your strength and energy. The massage in particular, stimulates blood flow which then cleans, renews, moves fluids and hormones, stimulates the immune system, and helps tone muscles and tissues.

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Liana van Zyl Doula Review

“The rebozo massage was amazing! I felt so relaxed after. I really recommend that everyone who’s had a baby should do it at least once (more times if possible)!”

Janice Chu, September 2017
Liana van Zyl Doula Review

“I had an amazing closing the bones rebozo massage by Liana. She was fantastic and the message left me more relaxed than I had been in years, it was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend her.”

Hannah Harvey, July 2017

“I was happy she was there all the time because my mom being there was unplanned and I really needed someone with me in labour. I think she’s funny, kind, trusted and warm hearted. She’s smart and just lovely having around.”

Sandra Smulzcak, May 2017

“A very special thank you to my mum and Liana Van Zyl both present at the birth and supportive and respectful of my water hypnobirth. I’d like to personally recommend Liana for her doula services she made the whole experience just simply incredible and supported me through my birth journey, both pre, during and post.”

- Rebecca Dakin

“Had a wonderful hypnobirthing class with Liana​​, thank you so much for imparting your knowledge and wisdom to me and hubby! Really appreciate the time that you spent making sure that we understood everything, and we feel much more confident now. Thanks again Liana your time has been very valuable and much appreciated x x”

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