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Hola Barcelona!

We’ve arrived. Safe and sound on 25 February 2018 in Barcelona City.

The first few days as a new Barcelona family was a bit of a haze as we were in between unpacking, exploring and finding our way around our new “barrio”. Honestly, I felt like a bear emerging out of my dark cave of hibernation. “Bear” because I was hairy. Who shaves in the cold freezing UK weather anyways? “Hibernation” because I’ve stuffed myself with enough chocolates and biscuits for the rest of the year. “Cave” because UK is dark, rainy, cold and cold – oh I said cold already! 🙂

Before coming to Barcelona I’ve made contact with quite a few other birth professionals. It feels good that people are very welcoming. I realize it won’t be the same experience for me as in the UK. First, I need to learn the language, and second, get to know the system – or so I keep on hearing. I’m determined to make it work either way. I now know that the only two hospitals in Barcelona which allow doulas, as well as partners, are Sant Joan De Deu and Maternitat. These are public hospitals, it’s shocking to hear the private hospitals such as Teknon don’t ‘allow’ doulas in. Then of course there are people who choose to home birth or maybe even free birth.

*Great news is that more and more hospitals are opening up to the fact that women like to take their placentas home. This is great and I imagine in the future it will get even better.

I’m super excited to be launching my first Mindful Hypnobirthing workshop on 28 April at Life in 360 in Poblenou. I’m also very excited to be launching my first Positive Birth Movement meet up at Böl Barcelona on 19 April 2018. I feel strongly about having a support group for new mums, breastfeeding mums as well as the more experienced mums. A safe space to share birth stories and also to support each other in our decisions. I’m looking at running this group twice a month.

Furthermore, my little family and I are all adapting pretty well to this beautiful city. It’s sunny, blue skies, ocean, mountains, designer buildings and the food is great. What more do you want? I mean seriously where in the world do you stroll down the street to find these types of gorgeous buildings?

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parc guell

In my next few blog posts I’ll write more about my YOGA-DOULA Kundalini Teacher Training I’m currently attending. I just had a deep intuitive feeling towards doing this specific training and if you are interested in learning more about the why and how, follow my blog and find out.

Chiao for now!


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