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Barcelona Family Living

barcelona family

Hola Barcelona! We’ve arrived. Safe and sound on 25 February 2018 in Barcelona City. The first few days as a new Barcelona family was a bit of a haze as we were in between unpacking, exploring and finding our way around our new “barrio”. Honestly, I felt like a bear emerging out of my dark… Read more

Call The Doula!

I often get asked what it means when a doula goes on call, so I decided to write this short blog post and make this video to explain a bit more about what “on-call” means. I find the ‘on-call’ period as part of my everyday life, it wasn’t that easy in the beginning, like any… Read more

Pregnancy: A Full-Term Story

*In this blog, I refer to my personal experience of pregnancy. This is the 2nd post in my story series. Learn about my life before pregnancy here… I’ve always known I wanted children. My other half and I spoke about it a few times and we were both quite comfortable with the idea of having… Read more

My Life Before Pregnancy

This is a very short version of my life. After finishing school, I was desperate to get out of my small town in South Africa. I was young, yes, a bit naïve and stubborn, like most teenagers I guess. I had this urge to travel, see the world but I had no idea what was… Read more

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