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I often get asked what it means when a doula goes on call, so I decided to write this short blog post and make this video to explain a bit more about what “on-call” means. I find the ‘on-call’ period as part of my everyday life, it wasn’t that easy in the beginning, like any new job you take on, but I’ve learnt to live my life around it. In one of my previous YouTube videos “What is a Doula?” I explain a bit more about what doulas do. In this video and blog post I would like to share with you:

1)What it means when a doula goes on call for you.

Going on call means that at this stage you’ve most probably build quite a relationship with your doula. You might have talked through your birth preferences, meaning your doula knows your worst fears and your best wishes for the birth of your baby. There’s no doubt that at this point she’s got your best interest at heart. Your Doula is emotionally invested in you and in the birth of your baby. Emotions aside, being on call could last anywhere between 37 weeks of your pregnancy until 42 weeks. That’s a whole 5 weeks of 24/7 on call for you. For a doula taking on a birth means planning her whole life around your on-call period, an on call period of about 5 weeks (depending on your doula). Being a doula sure is a labour of love!

2)What it’s like for a doula to actually be ‘on call’ for you.

Oh! The unpredictable, crazy, wonderful life of a birth Doula. It’s being fully committed and invested in a client’s birth. It’s being available on your mobile 24/7 for the whole of your on-call period even if that means 3am in the middle of the night. It’s not going too far from home just in case you get THAT call. It’s making sure you’re super glued to your phone, not missing out on any one text or call. It’s the “As long as I’m not at a birth” plans with your friends. It’s always making sure your car is reliable and ready to go. It means a set of clothes ready for when you get that call. It’s having everything ready including your doula bag for THE day. It means prepping your partner in case you get called out in the night. It’s sharing that love and excitement with you. It also means unlimited phone and email support when you need either emotional or educational support, continuous support up until the moment where you’re holding your gorgeous little baby.

I hope this gives you some insight into what it means when your doula goes on call for you. In my opinion a doula invests just as much of love and time into the preparation of your birth as any mother would for their own birth.

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With love,

Liana x


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