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Prepare now for your Gentle Cesarean with Mindful Hypnobirthing

Have you discarded birth preparation once you found out you were having a cesarean? Think again because Hypnosis and Mindfulness for birth are not just for low-risk births. It’s not unknown that hypnosis has been used time and time again as a therapy for surgery. No matter what type of birth you have, hypnosis still reduce anxiety, increase satisfaction and reduce recovery times. It’s perfect for managing any fears you might have about your upcoming birth. Helping you to stay calm in difficult situations. During pregnancy, your baby benefits from a reduction of stress hormones which can have a positive impact on their brain development well beyond birth.

Mindfulness enables you to connect with your body and your baby.

Feeling connected to your body and baby, both at a physical as well as emotional level will change the way you experience the birth of your baby. Being able to stay connected with you breathe while welcoming your baby into the world will help you embody this experience in a positive way.

Gentle Cesarean birth

Infant Feeding

“Mothers who have prepared using hypnosis with Mindful Mamma for a gentle caesarean comment on how calm their babies are and they seem to have fewer problems with breastfeeding.  Being relaxed before birth can have an impact on the quality of your milk and your let-down reflex, so optimising your internal and external environment can really help to give you the best opportunity to breastfeed, if that’s what you want.” – Sophie Fletcher, Author and Hypnotherapist.

No matter what birth you have, birth is birth and should be meaningful and respected

Preparing for your cesarean birth with Mindful Hypnobirthing, you are preparing to welcome your baby with a positive and gentle birth experience.

It’s important to remember that you always have a choice, no matter how you birth your baby. Know that you don’t have to surrender your choices, instead, let us help you work towards your birth goals, diving deeper into what is really important to you and then making a birth preference list accordingly.

Mindfully prepare for your cesarean birth. Learn how to find your calm centre and feel connected with your body and your baby.

Fear doesn’t have to be a part of your birth story.

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What is a Gentle Caesarean?

Research by Professor Fisk explores how you can be more relaxed as you receive your anesthetic:

  • request to have the lights down
  • have your own music on
  • under certain circumstances, request for your baby to be born slower and in a way that mimics a vaginal birth.
  • request delayed cord clamping
  • have the drapes lowered so you can announce the sex of your own baby.
  • ask for immediate skin to skin before weighing.

Did you know you can request monitoring pads to be placed on your shoulders and back so that your chest is ready for skin to skin? During your workshop, we will discuss more options and we will be able to signpost you to research and resources on gentle caesareans so you can tailor the perfect plan for you.

COST: €185 per couple for a 3-hour private workshop incl. one traveling cost within Barcelona metropolitan / Zoom workshops are also available

We have a well-researched framework that integrates, hypnosis, mindfulness and birth planning. We will work within this framework, to create a tailor-made approach for you.  We will also explore your feelings around the birth and work with any fear, concerns or unresolved feelings either you or your partner may have.

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The Mindful Hypnobirthing Way

  • Listen to the Mindful Mamma Preparing for a Caesarean Birth hypnosis mp3 throughout pregnancy
  • Learn some simple mindfulness exercises and connect daily with your baby
  • Read the affirmations daily
  • Learn about gentle caesareans and have a discussion with your consultant
  • Ask for immediate skin to skin
  • Use hypnosis and mindfulness post-birth to manage pain and discomfort
  • Hypnosis mp3s to stimulate milk and confidence in breastfeeding


  • I nurture and support my baby as he/she grows
  • I feel relaxed as I prepare for my baby’s birth
  • I connect with my baby while I relax and turn my attention inwards
  • I prepare myself confidently
  • I know that the decisions I make are the right ones for my baby and me
  • I am looking forward to holding my baby in my arms
  • I am confident that as I relax and trust my body my milk comes in
  • As I relax and let go my body heals itself quickly and comfortably

Listen to the MP3 set ‘Preparing for a Caesarean’

Further reading and research

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