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Labor Pain or Power?

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When you think about pain in your body, immediately, you think of that pain as a sign that something is wrong or injured.

In our modern society, a large percentage of women choose to give birth in the hospital. Take a moment to explore your associations with hospitals. Most of the time we visit the hospital due to an illness or due to a loved one being unwell. How does being in a hospital make you feel? For some it makes them feel safe, for others, it brings back really horrible memories. These horrible memories might bring up fear for you, and when you have fear in your body, that fear leads to tension. Tension leads to physical pain. There are ways to work with this and with careful reconditioning of the mind with hypnosis, you can overcome this easily.
I’m in constant awe of our mind and body connection. Our thoughts are so powerful that we can simply revisit a memory and our body will have a physical as well as an emotional response to that memory. As if we were really there, in that moment.

There are 2 reasons why women experience pain during labor:

  1. Due to fear creating tension in their bodies. When they are tense there will be physical pain due to blood flow restrictions and tense ligaments pulling on one another.
  2. Women are expecting pain, which leads to experiencing pain.
Let’s take a quick look at our anatomy. The uterus as it grows with your growing baby loses all pain receptors. It’s hypothesized that the only nerve endings are still present in the cervical area of the uterus at full-term pregnancy. The uterus has two different muscle layers that are designed to work harmoniously, exactly like the bicep and tricep muscles in your body. While one muscle contracts, the other lengthens, softens, and opens. When you have tension (due to fear) in your body, these uterine muscles have a very difficult time working together the way they’ve been designed to. Which can lead to exhaustion for the mother and generally a much longer birth.
Uterine muscle layers
When you look at our birth hormones, these hormones are the same hormones we produce when having an orgasm, except during labor it’s ten times intensified.
During pregnancy, most women realize that they want to start working on their mindset for the birth. This is great but simply saying and reading positive affirmations isn’t going to do it. You need to dive really deep. Go back to your upbringing, your cultural beliefs around birth.
All our lives we have been associating the word ‘pain’ to injury in our bodies.

“Labor is not injury; a women’s body is made to accompany it! – Gurmukh

One of the biggest fears of childbirth is pain. Here’s the thing with pain. Scientists are fascinated by it. Pain is exasperated by fear, anxiety, and the expectation of pain. Our expectations can easily form our reality. If you expect labor to be painful and horrible, that will probably be your experience. That’s why taking a look at your cultural belief, your upbringing, and what you’ve been made to believe about birth is where you need to start. How do you think these beliefs influence the choices you make about birth today?
How do you perceive the word pain? Words are powerful and the way we perceive them is what makes the biggest difference. We need to think about changing our vocabulary but also knowing that you will probably hear those words from others all the time. So, yes, we have to change our internal vocabulary but also change the way we perceive that word.
For example, instead of saying the pain of labor, we can say the sensation of labor. Notice how that feels in your body. A powerful sensation tells you to pay attention to it. That’s exactly what your body is asking of you during labor. Paying attention, being present, and mindful about each movement your body’s making. Trusting that each movement your body and your baby is making internally as well as externally is exactly what it needs to do at that moment.
I meet women who doubt themselves, all the time, while they forget what their bodies are capable of. When you’re pregnant, your body is literally making another human being, without you even thinking of it. A heart, liver, kidneys, eyes, nose, lungs, and all the rest. Let that sink in for a moment.
So, I ask you, do you really think nature is that flawed? While your body knows exactly how to make a little human being, your body also knows exactly how to birth your baby.
If you allow for your hormones and your mammalian part of the brain to do what it knows intuitively to do. You will have an empowering birthing experience.
Once you’re able to dive deeper into realizing where your existing beliefs around birth comes from. You are then able to explore them and see how they feel to you and whether they serve you or not.

Fear and pain don’t have to be a part of your birth story. You have the power to change your experience and take control of your birth.

Numerous studies have proven that simply by changing a person’s expectations, their physical and emotional circumstances change.

Grab a pen and paper and let’s explore these questions together:

1. What is my cultural belief around birth?
2. How does that affect my decision making?
3. Where do I get my information from?
4. What are my birth goals? What am I willing to do to work towards that?
5. How do I start filtering my information with that that is more consistent with my birth goals?
6. How do I want my baby to experience birth?
7. How do I want to experience the birth of motherhood?
8. Who do I want on my birth team? Do I trust these people and do what value do they add?
9. Do I have all the information I need to make informed decisions? If not, what do I need to do and where do I need to look?
10. Where do I want to birth my baby? How does this make me feel?
There’s no doubt that giving birth is a very powerful and intense experience. It can be the most empowering experience of your life, with you in total control. Free from fear, free from pain!
There’s so much in your control. This control will eliminate the fears that you might have which will leave you with an antidote cycle of feeling calm, confident, and relaxed.
Being able to make choices out of a place of calm instead of fear will eliminate tension in your body which will make your birth enjoyable, perhaps even orgasmic!
If you enjoyed this blog post and you would like to learn more about how hypnobirthing works, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.
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