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My Life Before Pregnancy

This is a very short version of my life.

After finishing school, I was desperate to get out of my small town in South Africa. I was young, yes, a bit naïve and stubborn, like most teenagers I guess. I had this urge to travel, see the world but I had no idea what was waiting for me.

I’ve always enjoyed working with younger children and thought signing up as an au pair was a good idea. I said my goodbyes and flew off to Amsterdam. After spending nearly two months in Netherlands as an au pair, I was on my way up to my room one night and as I looked at my phone I saw several miscalls from my mom and elder sister, I immediately felt something was wrong, and I was right. My middle sister was in a car accident and passed away that night. I was on the next flight back to South Africa and stayed with my family for two weeks before I decided to go back to the Netherlands. My sister and I had a very deep friendship and also shared a lot of friends. It was hard for me to be in an environment which constantly reminded me of her when I wasn’t completely ready to deal with it all. Only time can heal.

When I returned back from Netherlands, I was convinced I wanted to become a lawyer. I’m sure my late sisters’ case was my inspiration for this. I studied part time while I worked as a receptionist on a wine farm in South Africa. Nearly two years into Law, I realized Law wasn’t for me.

I then did a photography course and left on another adventure, the cruise ships. What an amazing experience, I got to see most of the Mediterranean and Middle East. After my cruise ship adventure ended, I decided to stay in Cape Town for a year, which was loads of fun and I made many new amazing friends.

Until an old friend rang me up about some teaching adventure in Thailand. I agreed to join her and started making arrangements to go to Thailand. At first, I wasn’t quite sure how long I would stay in Thailand but mentally committed myself to six months. When we arrived in Thailand we trained as TESOL teachers and travelled to the North of Thailand for voluntary work. I then applied to study for a B. A. in English at an international university in Bangkok and studied part time while working as a TESOL teacher in a public Thai school and later went on to work at an international school.

After being in Thailand for about six months, I met my soul mate through one of his friends. We went out that night and had a really good time, we immediately clicked. I was playing hard to get in the beginning just because I didn’t want to ‘complicate’ my life at that stage but he was very determined to get me on a date, even though he was on crutches, fresh out of a knee surgery. A month after we first met, we went on our first date to an Italian restaurant and we never stopped seeing each other ever since. A year afterwards I planned a holiday to South Africa and I’ve been wanting to move into a new apartment for a while. He insisted I bring my things to his place to store over the holidays and then look for a place when I’m back…but I never moved out in the end. Not long after he asked me to marry him (while I was standing washing the dishes – BUT he made up for it the next weekend on our own private treehouse rooftop while stargazing ☺)

We traveled extensively together and we lived happily ever after… oh wait, I forgot the part where I got pregnant.

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