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My name is Meritxell, I am a mother, doula, life & birth keeper, guardian of the placenta, and yoga teacher.

I offer classes for pregnant women, mothers with babies, fertility sessions, and for women in general, sprouted from my own creativity I invented a type of yoga called: Yoga-dance with your soul. This creates a synergy.  Inspired by different disciplines of yoga, dance, bioenergetics, body awareness, mindfulness, and deep knowledge of women’s cycles and processes of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

I am currently training as an independent holistic midwife, and as a body therapist. I am a member of the Postnatal Support Network, trained in free education and in natural and conscious parenting.

I’m passionate about the magic that surrounds the sacred feminine, motherhood, the greatest and most powerful act of love, which is to give birth and be born, and to accompany this process of bonding and growth throughout the life of a being.

Tools I use as a doula

I accompany processes of female cyclicality, fertility, gestation, childbirth, postpartum grief (perinatal death) integratively and holistically, addressing the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual realms.

I use the most appropriate tools in each given moment:

  1. Yoga for women, pre and postnatal (breathing, meditation, relaxation, postures, and movement)
  2. Use of your voice (therapeutically, singing, mantras…),
  3. Integrative body therapy (bioenergetics and body awareness)
  4. Gentle bioenergetics,
  5. Dance,
  6. Massage,
  7. Acupressure,
  8. Rebozo
  9. Rituals of passage (womb blessing, la Cerrada…)
  10. Herbal medicine and earth resources (essential oils, homeopathy, infusions, clays, oil macerated with plants, creams, ointments …
  11. Placental medicine.

I draw upon my knowledge and experience:

  • Mother of a child since 2013
  • Yoga Doula teacher for women, prenatal and postnatal yoga
  • Integrative corporal therapist (currently ending with hours of supervision and therapy needed to graduate)
  • Gentle Bioenergetics workshops for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.
  • Workshop in Rebozo for pregnancy, childbirth and closure.
  • Postpartum care and support workshop.
  • Full-year workshops on parenting (communication with the baby, movement and psychomotor needs, Pickler, materials, and adaptation of spaces for children, limits, nutrition, emotional support, sphincter control, and importance from the moment of changing diapers, etc …)
  • Full-year workshops on alternative education CRAEV
  • Currently,  attending a formation of a holistic midwife, with Mayeutica (a formation of an American type of midwife, directed by independent midwives of Argentina)
  • Member of the Postnatal support network, in Spain, former national coordinator

Liana and Meritxell met in Barcelona, Spain in 2017 at a Yoga-Doula course. The connection was immediate. In 2019, Meritxell joined Liana at home for the birth of her second child. Both coming from very different backgrounds but they share the same values and passions. With a variety of experiences and professional training, they make the perfect team and always support all families to the best of their abilities.

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