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Hypnobirth and Gender Surprise Home Birth

Women Giving Birth

On the beautiful summer morning of 17 August 2019, a little baby was born. In a calm and relaxed environment, at home, under the energy and the light of the full moon.

Here’s how the birth unfolded

On 16 August 2019 around mid-afternoon, I started feeling some very light, what felt like Braxton hicks, contractions. They were so mild I could easily ignore them as I went on with my day as usual.

My mom was visiting. I really wanted her to be here for the birth. She was out on a tour that day and we went to pick her up from Sagrada Familia. In the car, I had a few more mild tightenings but didn’t even bother to tell my husband. I didn’t think much of it as I’ve been having them since about 4 days ago and then they would just go away.

After picking up my mom, we returned home and sat on our balcony. I thought it was a good idea to grab my birthing ball, make a few hip circles, and see what happens. There I was on the ball. Bouncing, using my mindful hypnobirthing breathing, and vigorously swaying my hips side to side. I had a conversation with my baby (as I’ve been doing for the last two weeks) telling baby, I’m ready, and can’t wait to meet him/her. I visualized holding the warm, pink body in my arms. Smelling that sweet baby, feeding, and kissing him/her.

At this point, I was 41 weeks and 5 days along. I was so ready, so hot and so heavy. I just wanted the baby to come already.

My mom started copying my breathing as well, I guess listening to someone else doing deep breathing is contagious. I remember telling her, this is how you need to breathe with me when I’m in labor and even gave it to her as homework 🙂

The day went on as normal. We prepared dinner, we ate, and put my daughter to bed around 9 pm.

I noticed that the sensations were more frequent after dinner but was still able to ignore them.

Around 11 pm I took a shower and noticed my breathing changed while having the contraction waves. I stayed with my Mindful Hypnobirthing breathing techniques, which helped me tremendously. I invited the sensations to become stronger to allow my baby to come down and meet us. I talked to the baby, telling him/her how well he/she is doing and how excited I am to meet him/her.

My mom didn’t even notice anything at this point. We said good night and we all went to bed.

When laying down in bed I had one contraction wave which I really had to focus on. Then about 5 minutes later another one. With the next one, I jumped out of bed and got onto my all fours and let out a big sigh on my exhale.

(12:10 am) This is when my husband called the midwife, who he’s been in touch with earlier that day without me even knowing, to explain to her that I’ve (apparently) been having contraction waves every 5 minutes for the last hour. I was in denial. And I was obviously not timing them but they felt so mild and manageable that I thought we still have the whole night to go.

My lovely midwife from Marenostrum, Sage Femme Barcelona, joined us around 1 am, 17 August 2019.

I was in our bedroom. Moving between the toilet, shower, bed, and birth ball. I enjoyed a few contraction waves on the toilet, I could really feel how my cervix opened and softened with each contraction wave. I visualized my cervix as a red rose and with each contraction wave, a petal falls and it opens. Hanging from our shower wall felt amazing as it stretched out all the side and back muscles. Really opening up the pelvic area. Back on the ball, I made hip circles and increased the pressure on my cervix which allowed it to open and let my baby through. The midwife wrapped a beautiful scarf around my abdomen which felt wonderful and supportive.

Women in labor on birth ball supported by her husband

With each contraction wave, I breathed into my abdomen, reminding myself to relax my jaw, shoulders, and hands. I used active movement and sound with each contraction wave. Opening my jaw and letting out soft A and O sounds.

(Approximately 04:00 am) I walked from our bedroom onto the balcony and into the living room, feeling the strong full moon energy. I got into the birthing pool and at this point, the waves were coming very frequently. Our amazing doula, Meritxell Benaiges,  joined us at this point. She stroked my hair, wiped my forehead and held the space beautifully.

I closed my eyes and went deep inside. While listening to the beautiful 1. Maa by Ajeet Kaur, I called upon my baby to come down.

1. In Kundalini Yoga and other disciplines, MA is a multifaceted archetypal sound and vibration that evokes Sacred Mother energy, which nurtures all without exclusion or discrimination. Chanting MA helps both men and women relate to the primal essence of the universal creative power and develop an attitude of deep respect and gratitude toward the Feminine Creative Principle. When women relate to themselves as the embodiment of the Creative Mother Principle and men honor every woman on this planet in this way, together we can build a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world.

The Divine Mother is the feminine creative force of the universe. The Universal Mother is the primal power that initiates, sustains, and delivers creation. She is the embodiment of creativity, transformation, and completion — the evolutionary cycle that begins and then ends the old to make room for a new beginning.

Women embody the Divine Mother – the universal creative principle. Using this creative power, women bring new life into the physical world.

For a moment I felt like I was traveling through different galaxies as if bringing my baby from another dimension. It was a wonderful feeling.

(04:30 am) Suddenly, I felt my waters breaking, and at the same time while letting out a very loud roar, my baby’s head was out. Next thing I felt the body slipping out and I grabbed the baby and lifted him/her up onto my chest.

I was ecstatic and completely euphoric. I kept on congratulating my baby at doing so well and working so hard. My husband and I spoke to our baby and he/she lifted his/her head. We made our very first eye contact, a moment I’ll never forget.

My mom asked whether it was a boy or girl, we didn’t even think about gender. When we checked it was a BOY!

The birth of our son was calm, respected, and healing. I was in total euphoria and enjoyed it so much that moments after he came out I exclaimed that I will do it again.

My body felt so in tune, so turned on and I wish every woman to have a birth experience like this.

1. https://www.yogatech.com/Guru_Rattana_Blog/kundalini-yoga-ma-the-loving-embrace-of-the-mother/


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