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Liana Doula Postnatal Packages

As any new parents will tell you, the first few weeks after your baby’s birth are some of the most magical moments in anyone’s life. You are filled with awe, gratitude, pride and love as you marvel at this wonderful new person that you have created.

But it can also be a challenging time for parents and family. You want to give all of the love and care you can to your new baby, and you imagine that this should somehow come naturally… if only babies came with instruction manuals!

This is where I can give you an enormous amount of support in your own home as your postnatal doula.

postnatal doula and baby care with liana van zyl

I am here to help you navigate your journey as new parents by giving you the care and attention that will help you flourish during the magical first weeks following the birth. I can help make your transition into parenthood as smooth as possible by being a caring and encouraging helper.

The nature of my support will vary greatly depending on whether it’s your first child or subsequent children.

My postnatal doula services include anything from light housework to just allowing you to rest and have some time for yourself. I’ll aim to give both parents the skills and knowledge to help them feel more confident in caring for their newborn. I will offer suggestions, but allow you both to make your own decisions and plans.

Postnatal Doula Liana van Zyl. Photo by Heather Latva-Kiskola Photography

Photo by Heather Latva-Kiskola Photography

Drawing on the wisdom of experience, I can:

  • Provide mother to mother breastfeeding support
  • Help you to recognize and address your baby’s needs
  • Help you get enough sleep by looking after baby in your home while you rest
  • Shop for, prepare and serve you food, ensuring that everyone in the household is well fed
  • Pop a load in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • Be a friend and a good listener

In fact, evidence shows that postnatal doula support improves successful breastfeeding rates, reduces postnatal depression, eases the transition to parenthood and boosts confidence in both parents.

COST: I can work flexible hours to meet your particular needs. I charge €18 per hour plus traveling cost, or buy a package of 20 hours of postpartum nurturing and care for €324 plus traveling cost
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